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    “Garyali Architect Inc. were the primary consultants for two of Vancouver Island
    University’s projects – the Nanaimo Campus Library Expansion and renovation
    (completed 2005) and the New Cowichan Campus (completed 2011).  From both
    a project director’s and user’s perspective, these have been our most successful
    projects at VIU.”

    Mr. Ric Kelm, Executive Director Facilities and Campus Development
    Vancouver Island University

    “The seismic upgrade provided an opportunity to rethink interior spaces, and the
    belief of the architects that a school’s design should reflect the best ideas of its
    entire community is evident both inside and outside.”

    Mr. Simon Burgers, Principal
    Central Middle School, SD #61

    “They have been consistently reliable and have demonstrated an ability to offer
    creative solutions to unique problems, while working within the funding constraints
    that we face.”

    Mr. David Lockyer, Secretary-Treasurer
    School District #62

    "In all of our dealings with Shiv, Nick and John, we have come to the conclusion
    that their strengths lay in listening carefully to the client's needs, understanding
    the culture of an organization and have extreme patience when dealing with such
    a diverse group at Malaspina.”

    Mr. Dave Wadeson, Director Special Facilities Projects
    Malaspina University-College (VIU)

    “He has proven himself to be very flexible in accommodating the needs of those
    of us who will be using the building, and I commend him for his patience in this
    process of public consultation.”

    Mr. Donald Gunn, Principal
    Oakland’s Elementary School, SD #61

    “They were both understanding and accommodating as we realized and changed
    our original plans.  I found them to be unfailingly helpful and accommodating.”

    Ms. Gloria Metzger, Principal
    Mt. Douglas Senior Secondary School, SD #61

    “…as a community we grow more grateful for how the space looks and sounds
    and feels and functions for us.”

    Pastor Lyle McKenzie
    Lutheran Church of the Cross

    “Garyali Architect Inc. clearly captured the essence of what our facility renewal
    should be about both in terms of design and cost.”

    Mr. Vic Clayton, Head of School
    St. Margaret’s School

    “The new Community Centre represents light, hope and confidence in the future
    for all who live and work in the neighbourhood.”

    Ms. Suzanne Cole, Team Leader
    Burnside Gorge Community Association

    “Time after time (Shiv) would come up with ideas that would synthesize the very
    best input from individuals and groups.”

    Mr. Mike Marshall, Superintendent
    School District #64

    “They spent a tremendous amount of time in consultation…The result is a very
    beautiful, adaptable and functional series of spaces that delight everyone.”

    Mr. Max Bacon, Project Liaison
    First Unitarian Church of Victoria

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