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Garyali Architect Inc. was established in 1990 from the predecessor firm of Marshall, Goldsworthy and Associates, which was founded in 1974.  Shiv Garyali joined Marshall, Goldsworthy and Associates in 1979 as an associate in charge of design.  With the re-organization of the firm to Garyali Architect Inc. in 1990, Shiv became the principal partner of the company with associates Nick Fiocco and John Armitage comprising the core of the professional team.

We offer a full range of architectural services including programming, master planning, feasibility studies and interior design.  The primary focus of our practice is public buildings.  Our design and documentation process utilizes the latest technologies to produce integrated design documents while testing the accuracy and appropriateness of concepts throughout the design.

The principal partner, Shiv Garyali, is responsible for and personally supervises all aspects of the firm's projects and strives for excellence in design.  Every project is designed, documented and reviewed by Shiv, John and Nick, promoting continuity, dedication and project understanding.

Design Philosophy

We believe that harmony in the built environment promotes an inner harmony that is essential to everyday life.  This is achieved by creating architectural design that is meaningful to context, promoting socially responsible, sustainable, cost-effective buildings, and producing inspiring and functional spaces for users and the community.

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